School credit

What is a school credit ?

It is a short-term loan intended to finance the expenses related to the school.For this Benin Microfinace grants this type of individual during a fixed period of the current year, generally from the beginning of the great holidays until the effective start of the school year of the current year.

What is the target ?
It is a general public offering. The target clientele is a clientele of individuals holding accounts with Benin Microfinance (B.M.F) (civil servants, private employees, artisans, liberal professions, etc.).

What is the maximum credit term?

The maximum duration of the school credit is 10 months.

Advantages :

The Benin MicroFinance school credit allows each parent of a student to prepare in peace of mind the beginning of the school year and offers a real flexibility when providing the guarantees to obtain the said loan.