Savings on savings account

What is a savings book ?

A savings book, or bank book, is a book (in the sense of a physical object) to record transactions (Deposits, Withdrawals)   on a savings account opened with Benin MicroFinance (BMF). Savings on the Benin MicroFinance savings book is a   safe placement, free of charge, and available at any time as soon as the holder requests it.

A safe investment

Un placement sûr et performant

  • Your outstanding amount is remunerated 
  • For a first opening of booklet, you benefit from a generous offer of welcome
  • The standard rate of the BforBank Savings Account is currently .......% gross annual and is subject to review at any time by BMF


A no-fee investment

  • Benin MicroFinance does not charge you any fees for the opening, the management (payments, withdrawals) and the closing of your Booklet.

An available investment

Les devices BforBank

  • You feed it whenever you want, at your own pace.

A rewarded investment

Un livret d'épargne récompensé

  • Benin MicroFinance guarantees the reimbursement of your savings on the book.