Event Savings

What is saving ?

By definition, saving is the part of the income of a person or household that is not spent and is set aside. Most often, savings are made for future expenses. Thanks to this innovative service offered by Benin Microfinance ( BMF ), BMF customers no longer have to worry about happenings (marriage, baptism, communion ... etc) or unhappy (Death, accident, illness) that occur in their lives.

This product is available in all our branches throughout the country.

The conditions for opening a savings account

The opening of an account must be preceded by the presentation of an identity document and proof of the capacity of the natural person requesting this opening. The customer will be assigned an account number, this number is entered in his savings book which is   the name of the customer. At the opening of an account or at any time thereafter, the account holder may give a power of attorney to a third party to enable him to make withdrawals or deposit into his account.